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Resources for C&R FFL collectors
Below you will find links to sites that carry ammunition for Curio & Relic Firearms, as well as some sites that carry antique & surplus arms. You may find sites that sell the government 1911 pistols, as well as the famous Luger pistols. There should also be some Mausers, M1 Garands, 1903s, and Mosin Nagant rifles available at any given time. Under the Ammo link section below you will find web sites that regulary stock 45ACP, 30-06, 8mm Mauser, 7.62x54r ammo for surplus (and new) firearms.

Firearm related deals!

Dealers of C&R Firearms & related:
Accumounts, MI - accumounts.com
Adams Guns, NM - adamsguns.com
AIM Surplus, OH - aimsurplus.com
Allan's Armory, FL - allans-armory.com
Allegheny Arsenal Inc, PA - mg34.com
Arm Chair Gun Show - armchairgunshow.com
Bolt Man - www.mosinnagant.net/Boltman/Boltman.html
Buffalo Arms, ID - www.buffaloarms.com
Pat Burns (Formerly Burns Bros), NY - gunsnammo.com
BuyMilSurp, FL - www.buymilsurp.com
CMP Sales, AL & OH - thecmp.org
Centerfire Systems Arms, KY - centerfiresystems.com
Century Arms, FL - centuryarms.com
Checkpoint Charlie's, WI - checkpointcharlies.com
Classic Arms, NC - classicarms.us
Clear View Investments, KY - clearviewinvest.com
Collectible Firearms & Edged Weapons, VA- collectiblefirearms.com
Collector Firearms (RANDALL M. BESSLER, L.L.C) - NV collectorfirearms.org
Collectors Firearms - TX collectorsfirearms.com
Down East Antiques, NH - downeastantiques.com
Scott Duff, PA - scott-duff.com
Empire Arms, FL - empirearms.com
FGS, Inc, OH - fgsfirearms.com
Florida Gun Works, FL - floridagunworks.com
Fulton Armory, MD - fulton-armory.com
Georgia Arms, GA - georgia-arms.com
Global Military Gunsmithing, MI - globalmilitarygunsmithing.com
Hallowell & Co, MT - hallowellco.com
Hoosier Gun Works, KY - hoosiergunworks.com
Horst Held Antiqque Handguns, TX - horstheld.com
Impact Guns, UT - impactguns.com
Inter Ordnance (I.O. Inc), NC - ioinc.us
International Military Antiques , NJ - ima-usa.com
J&G Sales , AZ - jgsales.com
Jackson Armory, TX - jacksonarmory.com
K-Var, NV - k-var.com
Keepshooting, MD - keepshooting.com
KY Imports, KY - kyimports.com
MCS Firearms, IL - mcsfirearms.com
Military Gun Supply, TX - militarygunsupply.com
Military Shooters, WI - militaryshooters.com
Miltech, CA - miltecharms.com
Mitchell Military Arms & Ammo, NV - mitchellfirearms.com
Mitchell's Mausers, CA - mauser.org
Ocola Armory, FL - ocala-armory.com
Old Guns, UT - oldguns.net
Old Wester Scrounger, WV - ows-ammo.com
Orion 7 Enterprises, NY - m1garandrifle.com
Phoenix Investment Arms, NC - phoenixinvestmentarms.com
R&R Arms, MN - rrarms.com
RCArms, MN - rcarms.com
R Guns, IL - rguns.net
Samco Global Arms Inc, FL - samcoglobal.com
Sarco Inc, NJ - sarcoinc.com
Simpson Ltd (Collectors Firearms), IL - simpsonltd.com
SMS Guns, CT - smsguns.com
Southern Ohio Gun Distributors, OH - southernohiogun.com
Surplus Firearms, FL - surplusfirearms.com
Tennesse Gun Parts, TN - tngunparts.com/
TG International, TN - tnguns.com
The Armory, VA - the-armory.com
The Garand Guy, NJ - garandguy.com
Treasure Hunt Arms, LA - treasurehuntarms.com
Trinity Arms, MI - trinityarms.com
World of Lugers, AZ - worldoflugers.com

Ammo & Supplies:
A1 Ammo, MN - a1ammo.com
Ammo Depot, IL - ammodepot.com
AmmoMan.com (Discount Distributors), NJ - ammoman.com
Ammunition To Go - ammunitiontogo.com
Apex Gun Parts, CO - apexgunparts.com
Brownells, IA - brownells.com
CDNN Investments (Target Sports), TX - cdnninvestments.com
Cheaper Than Dirt, TX - cheaperthandirt.com
Cliff's Gunsmithing, UT - cliffsgunsmithing.com
Cole Distributing - coledistributing.com
Combat Optical - CA combatoptical.com
Cope's Distributing - copesdistributing.net
Dan's Sporting Goods, PA - dansammo.com
Dillon Precision, AZ - dillonprecision.com
Florida Ammo Traders, FL - floridaammotraders.com
Graf & Sons, MO - grafs.com
Midway USA, TX - midwayusa.com
Natchez Shooting Supplies, TN - natchezss.com
New Frontier Armory, NV - newfrontierarmory.com
PackRats Collectibles, SC - ammogarand.com
ProAmmo, CT - proammo.com
Sportsman's Guide, MN - sportsmansguide.com

Firearms Auction Sites:
Auction Arms - auctionarms.com
GunBroker - gunbroker.com
GunsAmerica - gunsamerica.com

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