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Resources for C&R FFL collectors

Web Site with information about various Curio and Relics; including Military Surplus firearms:
7.62x54r.net - 7.62x54r.net
ArmsCollectors.com - armscollectors.com
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives - atf.gov
Cruffler - cruffler.com
Gun Digest - gundigest.com
Gunboards - gunboards.com
Krag Collectors Association - kragcollectorsassociation.or
M1911.org - m1911.org
MosinNagant.net - mosinnagant.net
Military Surplus Collectors - milsurps.com
Nevada Shooters - nevadashooters.com
ParallaxBill's Curio & Relic and Military Surplus Firearms Forums - parallaxscurioandrelicfirearmsforums.yuku.com
Russian Mosin Nagant - russian-mosin-nagant.com
Shotgun News - shotgunnews.com
Surplus Rifle - surplusrifle.com
Surplus Rifle Forums - surplusrifleforum.com

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